Our Vision when Starting SAINT was to develop a green beauty brand that is true to its promise, delivering only the best natural and organic ingredients without any hidden synthetics, an unfortunate fact of some “green” beauty brands that claim to be all clean.

We wanted to provide exceptional high performance and quality ingredients that would not put your health at risk, any furry critters or the environment.

And so our clean, green, cruelty-free, plant-based company was born!

SAINT bridges the gap between high performance and non-toxic makeup, providing consumers with flawless formulations that glide onto the skin and deliver results that can easily be compared to top conventional brands, but without the nasty toxins!

Our long-wear color cosmetics are infused with skincare actives offering skin transforming results and skin adaptable shades designed for light to dark skin tones. Due to the natural properties of our plant-based ingredients, our makeup effortlessly adjusts to any skin type resulting in unmatched staying power.
SAINT’s innovative formulations are sweat, heat and humidity proof, making the skin look radiant and glowing with a healthy second skin finish.

Not only will you rock a sexy, gorgeous glow, but you can also rest assured that our anti-aging and pore cleansing botanicals are actively working their magic on your skin all day long! SAINT provides a multi-purpose cosmetic experience that is unlike any other you have experienced before!

Gone are the days where you skip the makeup because of an unexpected breakout. Your skin will be begging you to conceal that blemish so it can enjoy the soothing and healing benefits provided by ingredients like aloe and Kakadu plum all day long!

With high formulation standards, SAINT continues to push boundaries in all its product categories; SAINT is truly, makeup without compromise. Our products not only make your skin look absolutely flawless and camera-ready, but all our formulations are infused with proprietary blends of high functioning complexion treatment ingredients that improve skin conditions while you wear your makeup all day long.

It’s not often you can say your makeup actually improves your skin!

A makeup brand that acts as an extension of your best skincare routine only makes sense. 

SAINT Cosmetics fits seamlessly into a busy lifestyle of work, play and travel.Non Toxic, Cruelty and Gluten Free luxury makeup that delivers on product performance without compromise.