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Meet The Founder

Entrepreneur, lover of travel, and beauty aficionado Joanna Montesano envisioned a cosmetics line that was nontoxic, glamorous, and high in product performance. On her personal journey of embracing cleaner products free of allergens and chemicals, she sought out color cosmetics specifically to align with her conscious lifestyle that performed like the conventional products she was using. She soon discovered that there were no green beauty brands made with safe, gentle ingredients that were as efficacious as the product payoff she had become accustomed to.

Combining her business background and passion for beauty, she was driven to inspire other makeup wearers, like herself, who are also addicted to conventional luxury brands but desire a cleaner, non-toxic, and better beauty experience.

Obsessed with attention to detail, Joanna set out to create a glamorous line of rich pigments without compromising health or product performance, that not only exceeds user expectations but is innovative and fun to use … SAINT Cosmetics was introduced to the market.

SAINT is a high-end makeup lover’s dream, made of fine quality ingredients that are both healthier and gentler on the skin. Joanna’s inspiration of creating a collection of clean makeup products with a luxurious feel in beautiful, long-wear colors that suit a wide variety of skin types and undertones is inspiring makeup wearers to enthusiastically make the switch! 


Have you always been passionate about makeup and beauty?

Yes! In fact, it was that passion that led me to create SAINT Cosmetics. And it’s passion that keeps me motivated and inspired to continue to create and introduce new high performing products to the line.

What is your personal experience with natural living?

I have sensitivities to artificial fragrance ingredients and certain foods, so I strive to be conscious of everything I eat and use. By partaking of clean, organic foods and regular exercise, and using safer household and personal care products, I enjoy a feeling of balanced energy and vitality, and a sense of control over my health.

What do you want in a makeup product?

I like makeup to enhance my natural appearance, while feeling like I’m not wearing anything. I want it to stay put all day and feel effortless to use. I want products that can create versatile looks, easily transitioning from daytime to night. I want it to fit in with my busy life as a traveler, business woman, and lover of social events and gatherings. And, above all, I want my makeup to be glamorous and luxurious without compromising on healthy ingredients.

Luxury means more to me than just beautiful packaging. It means clean better ingredients, skin-adaptable shades, and long-wear, high performance formulas.

How do you feel SAINT fits into the beauty scene?

I wanted to create products that met with buyer expectations of high performance makeup, that are also free from health and skin damaging chemicals. We use healthy, natural ingredients that enhance the way the skin looks and feels, and work with a variety of complexions. Performance is also important to me, which is why I am so proud of our long-wear, skin adaptable shades.

I was tired of being told by salespeople that natural makeup doesn’t last all day, that non-toxic makeup isn’t made for medium to dark skin tones, and simply doesn’t perform as well as conventional makeup. We’ve proven that, that is simply not true. SAINT products perform as well as, if not better than, conventional luxury beauty brands.

How do you want makeup wearers who use SAINT Cosmetics to feel?

SAINT customers are confident and passionate makeup wearers who value how effortlessly the products fit into their lifestyle. Whether that’s glamour on-the-go or getting dressed to impress… they are constantly inspired. Their makeup performs all day without compromising health or skin sensitivities. It is adaptable to a variety of skin tones, types, and ages. And, most of all, SAINT makeup is fun, safe and easy to use.

At SAINT we understand the needs and desires for efficacious luxury without sacrificing performance.

How would you describe the team behind SAINT?

SAINT Cosmetics combines unique, fun, and ambitious personalities that share an enthusiasm and passion for the brand. A team that celebrates diversity, each member uses SAINT Cosmetics to fit in perfectly with their own lifestyle, while building a brand that empowers makeup lovers, just like them.

You only have a few minutes each day to pamper yourself, make them count with SAINT Cosmetics.